Thursday, July 16, 2015

Done with my first solo backpack trip to Bangkok, Thailand.

Except the first day I was on hiking shoes, the local Thai people that I have met during the next two days all think that I am genuinely a Thai, with no exception, motorbike drivers, tuk-tuk driver, street vendors, 7-11 receptionists, acquaintances, someone in the airport even asked if I can speak Thai language for translation purpose I guess. These people spoke with me with local Thai language and didn't believe it when I have declared that I am not a local. This is funny!

Based on my previous not-so-pleasant experience in HatYai, it was difficult for me to make this decision to visit this country again, especially by myself. I'm thankful for all everything that I have encountered. Be it good or not-so-good one. At least now I am leaving with a "will-be-back-soon" kind of mood.

Travelling from somewhere I am bored of to a place that someone are bored with, I have seen things so differently from what we usually get to know from the media and friends and family. This is a precious experience, at least to my own self.

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Golden D. said...

Travel is a nice experience for all people.